12″ Wide Orange/White (2 Pack)


(2 Rolls) 12 Inches Wide x 10 Feet Long Orange/White Filter Media


This is for two(2) rolls of Premium Orange/White polyester filter media. These rolls are 12 inches wide, 10 feet long, and Nominal 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 inch thick. As you can see in the pictures, these dimensions are accurate. The filter media will compress a bit during the shipping process, however because of the quality of this filter media, it springs back to it’s correct size almost immediately after removing from its shipping carton.

This Premium Filter Media, which is made in the United States, is light weight, but strong and durable. It can easily be hosed off and reused if you so desire. This double action filter media consists of two layers with the white layer a bit more coarser for larger particles and the orange layer which is finer to catch the smaller remaining particles. This is not the coarse heavy media found with some filters which could be harder to work with and it’s not that cheap flimsy stuff that wouldn’t last you very long. This high quality filter media will work well for many different filtration needs.

This polyester filter media is non-toxic and completely fish and pond plant safe. I’ve been dealing with Filter Media for over 20 years and this is some of the nicest filter media on the market.

This product will ship via the United States Postal Service. I am not charging any shipping or handling fees and will do my best to ship any orders the same day they are received, if it’s early enough. I will ship to the United States only. Thanks for visiting PondFilterMedia.net.

Additional information

Weight 2.15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in


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